Unified Pet All Natural Premium Thick Cut Pig Ears Treats for Dogs – American Made – Maple Smoked Pork Chew Healthy for Clean Teeth (3 Pack)

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Product description

Unified Pet Bones, Chews and Treats are proudly Made and Sourced in the USA.

Why Pig Ears? 

✅ Activates salivary glands to clean teeth and freshen breath
✅ Natural Pig Ears are fully digestible for dogs, much less risk of choking or digestive issues
✅ Ears sourced and made in the USA have more strict diets and regulations
✅ Maple Smoked flavor will have your pup completely occupied with these ears!
✅ We recommend whole ears for larger dogs and Pig Ear Strips for smaller dogs

We offer a variety of dog treats to help satisy your pet’s unique needs. Each item is carefully selected and slow-roasted to ensure optimal quality and hold in all of those meaty flavors your pup will love!

Our dog bones and chews are all-natural, single ingredient dog treats so you know your pup is getting the highest quality product on the market!

We offer bones, chews and treats for all types of pups. 

  • Aggressive Chewers:  
    • Marrow Bones (3″” and 6″”)
    • Hock Bones
    • Knuckle Bones
    • Knee Caps
    • Foreshank Bones
  • Tendon Chews
    • Turkey Tendons
    • Beef Backstrap (6″” and 12″”)
    • Bag O’ Ligaments
  • Pig Ears
    • Whole Ears
    • Pig Ear Strips
  • Jerky Snacks for Dogs
    • Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky
    • Hackberry Smoked Chicken Jerky
    • Hackberry Smoked Turkey Jerky
    • ✅ SALMONELLA TESTED – Every batch of product is tested prior to packaging
      ✅Our natural Pig Ears for dogs are MADE IN THE USA to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews.
      ✅All Natural, Single Ingredient Pig Ears are Sourced and Made in the USA, so you know exactly where your treats for your pup are coming from.
      ✅No Additives, No Preservatives: Each meaty Pig Ear is made with NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, and NO chemicals. We take the time to slowly smoke our American-made bones for dogs to lock in the natural meaty and smoked flavor that dogs love.
      ✅Pig Ears are a healthy alternative to rawhides. They stimulate saliva glands, help to clean teeth, gums and even freshen breath!

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