Pristine Pets. Premium Pet Grooming Kit Set – Cats Dogs Pet Grooming Gloves, Nail Clippers and File, Deshedding Ball Pin Brush, Flea Comb, Tick Remover

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Product description

Pristine Pets Premium Grooming Set has been designed to make grooming your pets an easy and safe experience. We combined all of the most commonly used grooming tools into one professional and compact kit. All of the Tools are made with safety and ease of use in mind. All products are washable with an ergonomic design. Included in the set are a Pair of Grooming gloves made of soft silicone for safely messaging and removing loose hair. A dual sided Ball Pin Brush with rounded pins used for comfortably detangling and dematting fur and the undercoat. The second side is a Bristle Brush used for giving the coat a shiny luster. The flea Comb has specially designed stainless steel fine teeth used to meticulously comb and remove any fleas or lice. The Nail Clippers have an ergonomic handle, a safety lock, and a safety guard. The guard is designed to prevent over-cutting nails! A Nail file is included to stop those unwanted sharp claws from hurting anyone. The Tick remover is the last addition to the kit. Simply grasp the tick with the camps and twist to remove. Finally, Pristine Pets Premium Grooming Set includes a handy dual zipper bag to keep everything neat when not in use!Premium pet grooming set contains all of the essential tools: Pet Grooming gloves, Dual sided Ball pin and bristle brush, Nail Trimmer, Nail file, Flea and Lice comb, and Tick remover.
Perfect for short, curly, and long haired dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs, and many other pets. The tools clean the pets gently, and efficiently.
Convenient Dual zipper bag included to store the tool kit when not in use.
Pet brushing glove keeps your pet’s hair clean and tangle-free while keeping their skin healthy by removing dead hair, and distributing natural oils. Excellent for use in the bath.
Cleaning your pet at home is made easy with this all in one pet grooming kit.

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