Pet Water Fountain Automatic Pet Filtered Water Dispenser with LED Light Silent Pump Easy to Clean Pet Smart Running Water Fountain for Dogs Cats Multiple Animals

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Product description

The pet fountain is a must have if you have a lovely pet,the premium activated carbon effective purification of water, increase the negative ions, disinfection and sterilization,the continuous flow of the water prevents stale, so your dogs will love staying hydrated knowing that they are getting fresh tasting, clean water from their fountain and filtered water that will encourage your pet to drink more water. And your pet’s health will be enhanced because the better tasting water. Drinking fountain provides your dog with a continuous indoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, with LED night light design, convenient for pet to drink at night.
1. Healthy material: PP( Not including resin material, safety certification has passed food standards. )
2. Features: 2.2 L capacity.
3. Color: Green
4. Dense filter: Clean the water. Make it more fresh.
5. Night light: Beautiful and visible at night.
⚠Important Note
●Recommended to replace the filter every one month, the store has a special filter replacement for sale.
●For the health of your pet, it is suggested to change the water and clean the fountain every week.
●Do not use hot water, gasoline, alcohol, or organic solvents to clean the fountain under any circumstance.
●To prevent the activated carbon dust (they will not harm your pets) from shedding, please soak the filter in water for 2 minutes and rinse it thoroughly under running water before use.
●Please keep the cable away from pets chewing it.
Package Included: :
– 1 x Pet Water Fountain
– 1 x Power Supply
– 1 x Filter
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 x Package Box
❤【Multiple Filtration System】: High quality filters purifies and softens hard water and simultaneously filters hair, sediments and impurities. Increase the negative ions, disinfection and sterilization the odors of the water can be eliminated. Always keep the water in fountain fresh and clean, more healthy for your lovely pet.
❤【Super Silent & Low Consumption】: A durable muted pump and noise-cancelling pet water dispenser provide a quiet, comfortable experience that won’t affect you or your pet’s sleep. Even the timid pet will never be frightened by the pet water fountain. With 2W low power consumption, the pump can operate a total of 20,000 hours, and run dry for up to one week.
❤【2.2L Large Capacity & High Quality Material】: With 2.2L large capacity, you does not need to replenish water frequently, don’t need to worry about going out for a long time, It meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes. Pet water fountain is made of security food-grade imported resin materials, it is BAP-free, more environmentally, safe and secure.
❤【Special Led Design】: The LED night light design makes the pet water fountain more attractive to pets and keep your pet drinking frequently. Makes your pet easier to locate the water at night or in dark environment. No worry about tripping the water at night. Undoubtedly, the smart automatic water fountain bowl is a great helper for some pets that do not like drinking water.
❤【Easy to Use and Clean】: This pet water fountain is easy to use and clean. For first-time using customers, it is a convenient product to be assembled and disassembled by several steps. In addition, simply hand-wash each part with water to keep solid particles away to offer fresh water to your pet. Please clean it once a week, it is best not to exceed two weeks.

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